Wild Portrait

Wild Portrait

Co-produced by La Mandarina de Newton and the MONA Foundation, with the support of the Culture Institute of Barcelona City Council , Catalonia , 2016, 2018

How does painting influence the emotional state of primates? What is aesthetics? What is creativity? What differentiates humans from other primates? What can the paintings of other primates tell us?

    Wild Portrait is a travelling art and science exhibition that explores the limits of the creative process and how painting can influence the psychology of primates.

Wild Portrait is an art and science exhibition that seeks to stimulate reflection on questions such as: What is aesthetics? What do we mean by creativity? Is it something exclusive to human beings? Can these terms be applied in the rest of the animal world? How do primates see the reality around them? What do these paintings represent?

The Wild Portrait prints are the result - artistic (or otherwise), creative (or otherwise) - of different spontaneous moments of the chimpanzees, and form part of one of the MONA Foundation’s enrichment projects. Through these paintings we encourage the visitor to learn a little more about the mood, the past and the life stories of the chimpanzees at the MONA Foundation. We also want to show the research study The Aesthetic Sense of Non-human Primates that is being carried out in relation to the aesthetic capacities of these primates.

For the duration of the Wild Portrait exhibition at Mandarina Space we have organised two series of meetings to promote reflection and debate. We have also organised workshops for children and families.


Exhibition, talks, debates and workshops.


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