La Mandarina de Newton co-production with Big Bouncers for ICMAB-CSIC, with the support of FECYT , Catalonia , 2013

How can we create a new artistic proposal using the materials submitted by participants to the Inspiraciencia 2013 scientific narrative competition? How do we provide a creative and plural return on investment for all participants on the day of the awards ceremony?

    A dance piece resulting from fragmented and decontextualized co-creation based on the texts submitted to the Inspiraciencia scientific narrative competition.

Transpositional offers an opportunity to experience a different way of interpreting and communicating science. It is a contemporary dance improvisation piece put together from fragments of some of the stories from the Inspiraciencia 2013 competition. The movement of the dancers plays with the scientific concepts of each of the texts, which are projected on stage as part of the show.




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