The Search for the Line

The Search for the Line

Produced by La Mandarina de Newton, with the support of the Culture Institute of Barcelona City Council, Catalonia, 2018, 2019

How are artistic research and scientific research related? How do artists understand? How does visual representation influence scientific understanding? What is the implication of the concept of reproducibility or copy in art and science?

    The Search for the Line (La cerca de la línia) is a travelling art exhibition that explores the concept of artistic research versus scientific research, based on an anecdote related to the work of the sculptor Jassans, who commissioned his son to do a self-portrait of himself so that he could study himself through the drawing.

This exhibition stems from the desire to bring into dialogue the processes of creating scientific and artistic knowledge. Art and science are closely related ways of seeing and understanding. Both explore the adventure of observing, analysing, experimenting and interpreting. The artist’s search is for a special, personal and unique understanding. Science explores extensible and global knowledge that can be reproduced and copied.

For centuries, art has depicted life and medicine has been explained through art. In fact, a doctor visiting an exhibition of Jassans’ sculptures could recognise the lack of mobility in the bust of a man. From this anecdote, we ask his son, Valeri Salvadó, to show us his process of searching for the line through copying his own work using different techniques.


Exhibition, talks, family workshops.


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