TEDxRambles: Bodies that Learn

TEDxRambles: Bodies that Learn

TEDxRambles | Barcelona , Spanish-speaking community , 2013

Is learning just something of the mind? What do our bodies and movement contribute to learning?

    TEDxRambles talk on learning through movement and the body.

Talk by Irene Lapuente about the body, movement and learning. Irene has been involved with dance from an early age and is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dance in London. Since 2000 she has been exploring the world of contemporary dance and one of her main interests lies in the intersection of different forms of learning.

Before this talk, she coordinated the Mandarina Beer Café sessions, which dealt with topics related to science, art, technology, design and learning. In its second edition, these sessions were devoted to different ways of understanding the body and knowledge, contrasting different ways of understanding this situation, some more phenomenological and others more biological, and others drawn from the artistic experience of the body and movement.






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