NODE: Innovators Program

NODE: Innovators Program

NODE. Center for Curatorial Studies - Berlin , Germany , 2015

Can we find the essence of the artistic process in order to bring it closer to learning environments as has been done with the scientific method and design thinking? What makes artistic thought special?

    A two-month programme to explore the potential of artistic thought as a useful tool in education.

NODE - Innovators Program is a programme aimed at investigating how thoughts and strategies used in the arts can be applied to innovation in other sectors. A group of nine innovators from different backgrounds and nationalities worked together on the programme: Perla Montelongo, Lauren Reid, Aleksandra Berditchevskaia, Saumya Bhatt, Gabriela Durán, Stine Marie Jacobsen, Silke Lange, David C. Terry and Irene Lapuente.

The programme aims to investigate the potential of artistic practice beyond works of art and exhibition production, and asks the question: how can art be used as an educational tool?

The nine innovators have collaborated together following a structure adapted from the Design Thinking method that has combined research, ideation, prototyping and testing until they achieved the final result: a prototype consisting of a learning tool for teachers and facilitators which could be used to encourage divergent thinking in non-formal educational environments. The prototype includes three audiovisual capsules with activities and references.


Audiovisual capsules with activities and references.


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