Catalan Museum of the History of Medicine and the Official College of Physicians of Barcelona, Catalonia , 2013

What does illustration mean and what has it meant for the medical sciences? How can primary school students complement an exhibition of medicine, history and art?

    The exhibition Med+Art+Science proposes multiple dialogues between the arts and the sciences and between the past and the present. La Mandarina de Newton contributed to the exhibition with an experimental proposal based on illustrations by primary school students exploring life and cells as seen under the microscope.

The exhibition Anatomopathological Artistic Representations, of the Official College of Physicians of Barcelona (COMB), includes watercolours by La Mandarina de Newton. These pieces were created by the students of the Tàber and Costa i Llobera schools who participated in the Explorers and Inventors workshops that took place throughout the course. They are personal representations of observations of cells under the microscope.




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