Iris Heitzinger and Natalia Jiménez, International , 2012

How can we explore human perception with a contemporary dance piece that plays with elements both scenic and purely physical such as space, time, light, sound and movement?

    Space, time, light, sound and movement are the protagonists of this dance piece that plays with a highly scientific imaginary.

The L_ENTES project is a contemporary dance show directed by the creators and dancers Iris Heitzinger and Natalia Jiménez, in which La Mandarina de Newton collaborated as scientific advisor.

The project is based on the meeting of four disciplines. dance and movement as the global language of the body, science and mathematics and, in particular, the concepts of classical mechanics, optics and relativistic physics, illumination as an independent artistic medium, and sound.

In all processes of performing arts creation the concepts of space, time, light, sound and movement are intrinsic, normally serving as vehicles of expression. This time, however, the focus is consciously directed towards them, making them the main protagonists. These concepts, scenic and physical, lead us to investigate human perception. An imaginary that makes us ask: What do we perceive? How do we perceive it? Where is the border between reality and illusion? What reactions are provoked in the observer when invited to explore the limit between what is natural and what is artificial, nature and art? This piece offers the public a new experience where nature and artifice play at intersecting, choosing a natural position (x), a city park, and a very concrete time (t), just around sunset.





Premis i mencions

Iris Heitzinger and Natalia Jiménez | International | 2012 | Finalist in the Dansacat Awards, organised by the Association of Dance Professionals of Catalonia (APdC)


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