Provincial Council of Barcelona, Catalonia , 2017

How can we relate science to culture? Can we re-establish the connection?

    Curation of the Interaction 2017 conference. Science and Culture: re-establishing the connection.

The Centre for Cultural Studies and Resources (CERC) of the Provincial Council of Barcelona organises Interaction, a conference that has become the meeting point for cultural institutions and professionals, being a point of reference for debate and the contribution of ideas in this field. In 2017, the central theme of these meetings was science within the cultural sphere. Irene Lapuente of La Mandarina de Newton curated the contributions on scientific dissemination at the conference.

In addition to the face-to-face meeting, Interaction is also a meeting space on the Internet, a virtual community based on the exchange of knowledge and experiences, with a cooperative spirit at the service of local cultural policies.


Conferences on the role of science in the cultural sector.


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