La Mandarina de Newton, with funding from the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) , Spain and United Kingdom, 2017, 2018

How can we co-create inspiring and fun informative material with teachers and professors?

    Co-creation and an international tour of a clown and science show with education and performing arts professionals.

ÉsXCiència (IsXScience) is a multi-faceted scientific dissemination and innovation research project. Its aim is to democratize Design Thinking tools and recreational physics among teachers, and also to co-create a clown and science show, which has been travelling internationally.

It combines science, creativity, design and entertainment. It began with a series of co-creation and creativity workshops for teachers nationwide. After an initial analysis phase that helped us to better understand the educational context of the sciences, and a co-ideation stage with performing arts professionals, we launched a clown show.

The show takes place on a train and is related to everyday, real-life actions. It includes a dozen scientific experiments as well as support material. It deals with mechanics, meteorology and astronomy, among other topics, and includes abstract concepts, values and gender issues. It was created as a story so that teachers could introduce science into their classrooms and families could reflect on the ubiquity of science.


Show and website.


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