Back Àbac

Back Àbac

Àngels Margarit/cia. MUDANCES , International , 2016

How can we talk about maths through the body and movement? How can we let ourselves be seduced by the imaginary of measurements, numbers and patterns?

    Back Àbac is a contemporary dance piece that plays with the mathematical imaginary to talk to us about measurements, numbers, infinities, patterns and fractals.

Back Àbac is a contemporary dance piece directed by Àngels Margarit. Elements such as infinity, numbers and patterns come into play. The show explores mathematical concepts through scenography and the body and the movement of the dance and circus performers. To do this, the show’s choreographer chose the music of Bach as a sound map and universe. Irene Lapuente of La Mandarina de Newton was the scientific advisor for this work.




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