The Science of Cupcakes

The Science of Cupcakes

Pessics de Ciència (Pinches of Science), Hospitalet del Llobregat, 2017

How can we relate science to an everyday thing and how can we integrate the dissemination of science within the spaces of the city, such as a patisserie, for example?

    Design and creation of the workshop The Science of Cupcakes, an educational and fun proposal that combines science and a patisserie to foster a critical spirit and to stimulate curiosity in everyday things.

In the first part of The Science of Cupcakes workshop we explore in a participatory and practical way scientific concepts related to pastry making, such as yeast and the surprising properties of flour, eggs and milk. In the second part, the participants decorate biscuits and/or cupcakes with scientific motifs.


One workshop.


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