The Cork Engine

The Cork Engine

Palafrugell Cork Museum , Catalonia , 2014

How can we design a workshop on the engineering aspects of cork production in order to expand the educational offer of the Palafrugell Cork Museum and offer a new vision, in addition to the historical, social, biological and mechanical visions of cork?

    Design of a workshop about materials and the properties of materials, cork preparation processes, steam engines and collective creativity along with training for the team in the education area of the Palafrugell Cork Museum.

In this workshop the participants use their hands to acquire knowledge. They are given material kits that allow them to explore the hardness, buoyancy and flexibility of the materials. They then make a cork stopper using materials with similar properties to cork, in order to understand the complexity of the challenge. They also learn how steam engines work and come up with creative solutions using recycled everyday materials.


One workshop.


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