Explorers and Inventors

Explorers and Inventors

Tàber School and Costa i Llobera School , Barcelona, 2011, present

How can we bring STEAM learning to primary-school students in an attractive and experiential way within a regulated educational framework, but not in a curricular format?

    Explorers and Inventors is a programme consisting of six courses of experimental workshops for children aged 6 to 12 years. We explore concepts of science, technology, mathematics and design (STEAM), in a creative and active way.

Explorers and Inventors is an educational project to drive innovation in science learning, mathematics, technology and design (STEAM). We firmly believe that a combination of disciplines and methodologies makes transformation possible and are thus committed to this project that, during the six years of primary education, involves an interdisciplinary journey through the different fields of science, accompanied by a generous helping of imagination, play and artistic techniques. The aim is to give children a holistic vision, as well as to strengthen their capacity for individual observation, group reflection and the formulation of questions, thereby encouraging a critical spirit and stimulating their innate curiosity.

From 1st to 6th year, each course works on different topics linked to a specific branch of science or technology. The overall structure, according to the course, is as follows:

  • The 1st course is framed within the area of biology and we start the course by exploring and working on the senses. Through these, we can perceive science. In the second and third term we explore the living world, discovering concepts and interesting facts about animals, plants, fungi and bacteria.
  • The 2nd course is focused on geology. We take a tour of the atmosphere, the hydrosphere and the geosphere. This gives us the opportunity to study the different states of matter and to discover the properties of gases, liquids and water, solids, rocks, and minerals.
  • During the 3rd course we deal with the discipline of mathematics, making mathematical magic and finding ways of doing maths with our hands. We study geometry and algebra, delve further into dimensions and discover the world of fractals.
  • The 4th course deals with the field of chemistry. We will discover the chemistry behind cooking and food as well as chemistry in the bathroom. We will also explore everyday chemical reactions.
  • The 5th course takes a look at physics. We begin the course by learning about concepts of movement in the first term. In the second term, we study energy and luminescence terms, and we complete the course by investigating astronomy and discovering some interesting facts about cosmology.
  • The 6th course, the last course in primary stage, is focused on technology and the possibilities it offers. In the first term we look at electromagnetism and electrical circuits. in the second term we will work with Scratch, a visual programming language with which we can create games and animations. and in the third term we combine programming with Makey-Makey, a controller that allows us to experiment with conductive materials and to transform the experience of traditional games through technology.


Six complete courses and their corresponding curricula, offering plenty of experimentation and scientific narratives and giving hundreds of children the opportunity to explore different branches of science: biology, geology, chemistry, physics, technology and mathematics from an early age and in a creative way.


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