Experimenting with the Environment at FICMA

Experimenting with the Environment at FICMA

International Environmental Film Festival (FICMA), Catalonia , 2014, 2017

How can we ideate a workshop to explore and experience environmental aspects that dialogue with the short films presented at each edition of the International Environmental Film Festival?

    For three consecutive years we have designed and carried out a workshop adapted to each new edition of FICMA.

Experimenting with the Environment at FICMA are demonstrative workshops in which we talk about air pollution, acid rain, deforestation, change in the pH of the soil, and cleaning the rivers. These workshops are offered to more than 300 people in the CosmoCaixa auditorium. The activities designed and implemented take participants on a conceptual journey during which the narrative is generated through demonstrative experiments in which the public is asked to collaborate. In addition, environmental short films shown during the different editions of FICMA are interspersed in the discourse.


Three scientific experimentation workshops and audiovisuals about the environment.


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