Engineering in frames

Engineering in frames

School of Engineering of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Barcelona, 2015, 2017

How can we bring engineering and telecommunications, in terms of content and professional careers, closer to young people and the public in general?

    Creation of two audiovisual capsules and a web platform that shows videos of people linked to engineering and telecommunications studies.

Engineering is sometimes seen as being cold and far removed from people’s day-to-day lives, but through the use of empathy and the excitement of participating in the creation of the future, we bring the world of engineering to the general public, and especially to young people. This process was translated into seven short audiovisual pieces and a website which showed five of these pieces. These videos show the day-to-day life and enthusiasm of the engineering professionals, as well as the cutting-edge research being carried out at the School of Engineering.

Testimonials: UAB School of Engineering is a series of brief testimonials from people who, in one way or another, are connected to the School of Engineering: from professionals to professors, researchers, doctoral students and other students. In this video they all share their experiences; what they do, why they decided to study at the School of Engineering, and the course they chose.

The Future is Here focuses on the future applications of the cutting-edge research being carried out at the UAB School of Engineering. It shows some of the technologies currently being developed by the School’s research groups and which will undoubtedly have an significant impact on our daily lives in the near future.

The Telecommunications Engineering web platform gives us an insight into, in a current and dynamic way, the experiences of different people linked to Telecommunications studies, who have followed very different life paths.


Two audiovisual capsules: A website with five audiovisual capsules. 


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