Energy Moves Us

Energy Moves Us

World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Catalonia , 2015

How can we bring the world of energy and creativity to schools?

    Creation of the Energy Moves Us workshop, an educational activity that takes participants on a conceptual journey, explaining what energy is, how it is transformed and which forms of energy are the most renewable and efficient. We later explore solar energy and try to come up with ideas and creative solutions in for it.

Energy Moves Us is a demonstrative and experimental workshop for school groups, in which concepts related to energy, efficiency and solar energy applications are explored through experiments. We embark upon a conceptual journey where the narrative is generated through demonstrative and participatory experiments. We begin, using images, by asking ourselves what energy is and then look at how energy is transformed from one type to another as a result of physical phenomena, chemical reactions, etc. We explore the concept of electromagnetic induction and link it to dynamos. This leads on to a discussion about light, with a focus on solar energy. We conclude the workshop by creating solar ovens and connecting photovoltaic cells to power little windmills, bells and LEDs.


One workshop.


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