Educational resources for ISGlobal

Educational resources for ISGlobal

ISGlobal, with funding by European Health Forum Gastein and European Awareness Day, an initiative of the ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control), Catalonia , 2015, 2016

How can we work on the differences between viral and bacterial diseases with young people?

    Micro-combat is a game for learning about infections and antimicrobial resistance.

La Mandarina de Newton collaborated with the ISGlobal team in devising different strategies and educational resources for addressing issues related to infections and microbial resistance. Among other activities, it designed the role-play card game Micro-combat. The game is aimed at making young people aware of the risk posed to global health by the phenomenon of bacterial resistance to antibiotics, through learning how infections are spread and how to prevent them. The objective of the card game is for players to eliminate the other opponents by attacking them with pathogens that are virulent to a greater or lesser extent. However, a player can only attack if they have a bacterium, virus, protozoan or fungus and a corresponding route of transmission (entry route to the body). And, as in real life, the person attacked can get rid of the disease if, for example, their character has a good immune system, takes specific precautions, or if they have been dealt ‘good’ cards (actions or products that treat wounds, fight against vectors and pathogens, or specific drugs). The person being attacked can defend themselves if they have drug-resistance cards. In a fun way, the young people become familiar with the different types of pathogens (bacteria, viruses, protozoa and fungi), the multiple routes of transmission, the various infectious diseases, the specifity of the drugs to fight these, and the phenomenon of the resistance of pathogens to these drugs.


Card game, protocol of experiments, audiovisual scripts.


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