BiblioLab: Stop Motion in Science

BiblioLab: Stop Motion in Science

Provincial Council of Barcelona , Catalonia , 2017, 2018

How do we bring new audiences, teenagers and young people, into libraries in the province of Barcelona through innovative activities?

    Workshops for young audiovisual narrators on scientific topics as part of the BiblioLab project.

The Stop Motion in Science workshop ideated, produced and carried out by La Mandarina de Newton forms part of the cultural proposal designed by the Provincial Council of Barcelona within the framework of the BiblioLab project and is aimed at transforming libraries. This activity brings audiovisual language, and specifically stop motion, to young people. It fosters the creativity of the participants and their interest in science by relating it to their daily reality of mobiles and tablets. Participants leave the workshop with their edited short films.


Audiovisual clips created by young participants.


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