ORION Open Science - RRI

ORION Open Science - RRI

Fundación Estatal, Salud, Infancia y Bienestar Social, F.S.P – Institute of Health Carlos III, Europe – Spain project, 2018, 2019

How can we generate co-creation dynamics among research professionals, funding agencies and patients, to promote empathy and to define new challenges and objectives for establishing an award for Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and to discuss other issues related to participation, within the framework of the European project ORION?

    Ideate, produce and energise co-creation dynamics among the different agents in the health field, and also include citizens.

La Mandarina de Newton ideated, produced and energised a process of empathy among professionals in science, science policy, science communication, patients and funding agencies, to gather their views on three aspects: citizen science and basic science, the dialogue on research strategy with multiple actors, and how to establish an award for responsible and open science.


Debates and establishment of an award for RRI, organised by Institute of Health Carlos III.


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