Ondarebizia – Participatory Museum Workshops

Ondarebizia – Participatory Museum Workshops

K6 Cultural Management, Basque Country, 2014, 2016

How can we bring co-creation to museums and cultural management agents in the Basque Country?

    Co-creation and metadesign workshops for the cultural sector.

In 2014 at the Rezola Museum, and in 2016 at the Gordailua Museum and the Oiasso Museum, La Mandarina de Newton Mandarina gave workshops to promote participatory museums, aimed at professionals in the museum sector. In these sessions we shared ways, tools and strategies for accessing and working with and for audiences. Several sessions were devoted to questioning and sharing concepts and trends on the subject of participation in museums, how we interact with visitors, the development of strategies for attracting audiences, the level of access to museum content and services and their orientation towards certain social groups, among other issues.


Continuous training for cultural sector professionals in the Basque Country.


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