Nature and City

Nature and City

Barcelona Culture Institute (ICUB), Barcelona, 2017, 2019

Proposal to promote a new relationship model between museums and schools aimed at reclaiming nature and the city, whilst also helping secondary school teachers to design new Learning and Service projects.

    The Nature and City project has different core themes. It rethinks and formulates new relationships between schools and museums. It also explores nature in urban environments and helps the educational community to teach and train itself in the ideation and design of Learning and Service projects through working on Design Thinking dynamics in the classroom.

Our proposal consists of ideating and designing new projects within the central theme of Nature and City. Work is carried out in the schools in collaboration with the museums, using co-creation and Design Thinking tools.

New technologies and the new social paradigm promote learning-in-action, either through contextualisation or by project. Among the new trends are Learning and Service projects. This initiative aims to provide the educational community with the tools and resources to take on these challenges. Through these new formats it helps transform the current relationship between museums and schools. It also aims to focus on nature contextualized in the city and visualised from different frameworks of knowledge: design, history, music, anthropology, etc.

The project has a dedicated website containing support materials, details about the schedule to follow, and a personalised forum for teachers. It also includes 15 hours of accredited training for teachers.


Design and implementation of Learning and Service projects.


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