Master in Research for Design and Innovation

Master in Research for Design and Innovation

Elisava, International, 2012, present

How can we bring design strategies and design thinking to Master’s students wishing to specialise in co-creation consultancy and dynamics?

    Standard classes in Human-Centred Design, Co-Creation and Visual Thinking to a Master in Research for Design and Innovation offered by Elisava Design School.

The Master in Research for Design and Innovation combines two very powerful disciplines in the innovation process: trend research and agile methodologies such as service design and design thinking. The programme is focused on offering current tools related to qualitative and ethnographic research, interdisciplinarity and innovation for transformation processes applicable to society and industry. During the course, students develop research projects linked to companies and public institutions in three main areas: Corporate Innovation, Innovation for SMEs and Social Innovation. The course is directed by Jorge Rodríguez Nieto and Daniel Zentgraf. It is taught in Spanish and English and welcomes international students. Irene Lapuente from La Mandarina de Newton has been a member of the teaching team of this Master’s course since 2012.

For two years, Irene Lapuente also gave classes in Elisava’s Master’s degree in Advanced Design Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship.


Around 200 future co-creation professionals.


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