Laboratory of Ideas and Generation of Ideas Programme (PRUAB)

Laboratory of Ideas and Generation of Ideas Programme (PRUAB)

Research Park of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (PRUAB) | International, International, 2013, present

To implement new forms of relationship between society, industry and research, promoting entrepreneurship linked to cutting-edge research and establishing new lines of research focused more on people and less on technology and genius.

    Based on a new relationship between companies and the university, co-creating new lines of research between business owners, entrepreneurs, researchers and society in general.

La Mandarina de Newton began collaborating with PRUAB in 2013, when it created the Laboratory of Ideas, a space for innovation in science and technology transfer. In this project we implement co-design and co-creation strategies with different actors and users in order to accelerate new research and innovation projects. The Laboratory of Ideas is now well established. This initiative promotes a two-way, bijective relationship between research and society.

La Mandarina de Newton also collaborates in the Generation of Ideas programme, which helps to promote entrepreneurial spirit and a culture of innovation and to give shape to the ideas of researchers and doctoral students from all fields of science from the campus of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). It consists of an ideas-generation phase, training sessions and a project competition. The programme combines theory and practical training, teaching researchers how to transfer their own technology, resulting from their research, to society. This training is also highly useful to researchers who want to apply to a Horizon 2020 call for competitive projects and are required to present a business plan.

La Mandarina de Newton has been collaborating with the PRUAB since 2013. The range of projects emerging from the Laboratory of Ideas and the Generation of Ideas sessions is very broad. We have worked on topics such as food, computer vision, automotive, artificial intelligence, milk, agroeconomics, mental health, circular economy and retail.


Creation of several start-ups, innovative new lines of research and new links and relationships between companies and the University.


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