KitCaixa Comunica / CaixaEscena

KitCaixa Comunica / CaixaEscena

“la Caixa” Foundation , Spain, 2015, 2016

Co-create an educational briefcase for schools, linked to the CaixaEscena project, based on the prior experience of teachers who participated in previous editions and advice from performing artists.

    Ideation and implementation of a co-creation strategy to design an educational briefcase linked to the CaixaEscena project, including the knowledge and experience of teachers and performing artists.

From the material extracted during co-creation workshops for schools in three different autonomous communities (Catalonia, Madrid and Murcia), the work with professionals from the performing arts, a team of designers, linguists and communicators and trial workshops with new schools, KitCaixa Comunica was born. KitCaixa Comunica is an educational briefcase that helps develop the students’ competencies, focusing particularly on their communicative abilities. It also seeks to familiarise the educational community with the opportunities and potentialities of the performing arts. Produced in Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician and English.


An educational briefcase or kit consisting of a series of recreational options that work on self-confidence, mastery of the voice, use of body language and confidence in organising or giving a talk, all of which are achieved through techniques and games inspired by the performing arts.


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