Hackathons: HackatH2On | Hack the Ride | Hacking Bullipedia

Hackathons: HackatH2On | Hack the Ride | Hacking Bullipedia

Agbar Foundation | BMW Motorrad Germany | Telefónica I+D and elBullifoundation, International, 2013, 2015

How can we enhance creativity, innovation and technology and the involvement of young people in fields such as knowledge management, urban motorcycles or water heritage?

    Ideation and organisation of a marathon of creatives, designers and programmers to create innovative applications in different sectors.

In 2013 we ideated, coordinated and organised the Hacking Bullipedia contest to solve a global challenge, to innovate in knowledge management. International talents from the most renowned universities all over the world took part in the challenge. The participating teams contributed their best ideas to advance the creation of Bullipedia, a professional tool based on the coding of a creative discipline.

In 2014, we ideated, coordinated and organised Hack the Ride for BMW Motorrad I + D, Germany. Over a hundred hackers participated in this international hackathon to develop applications for urban motorcycles. This initiative emerged from the Innovation and Development department with the aim of attracting new talent and to continue to invent the future.

In 2015 we ideated, coordinated, organised and advised on HackatH2On, a hackathon for the Agbar Water Museum. The main objective in this case was to attract young people and involve them in the ideation phase for the new museum. The challenge was to programme educational applications that dealt with heritage, history and science in relation to water.


Several applications for diverse sectors.


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