Citilab, with the collaboration of the Tech Museum of San José in California (USA), International , 2010

Co-create an exhibition about the Internet with citizens and conduct research on collective curatorial processes. Introduce the philosophy of participation 2.0 in the area of culture.

    Expolab is a research project focused on exhibition curation and citizen participation.

This project opened the curatorial process to citizens. Starting with a series of face-to-face workshops open to participation and using Design Thinking methodologies, thematic areas of interest to the participants were defined. These included: memories and photography, spacetime, collaborative work, connections and security. Once these broad areas had been outlined, an initial design brief was drafted. Participants from around the world were invited to meet each Thursday to co-design the exhibition modules that would comprise the exhibition. Finally, an online and offline voting system led to the consolidation of seven exhibition modules. Final completion efforts brought us closer to the definitive design of the exhibition "From contemplation to participation, and beyond".

This project used the same philosophy as the Internet and its capacity to involve participation to co-create an exhibition on the Internet itself. It was a space for researching methodologies and the perception of the virtual world.

  • An exhibition on the Internet with seven exhibition modules that promote the observation of concepts, interaction through the study of phenomena, and collective participation through information and communication technologies.
  • A study on how to apply participatory methodologies in the cultural sphere.
  • A study on citizens’ qualitative perception of the Internet.

Premis i mencions

Citilab, with the collaboration of the Tech Museum of San José in California (USA) | International | 2010 | Linden Prize 2010, an award promoted by Linden Lab, creators of the virtual world Second Life.


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