Digital Communication Department of the City Council of Barcelona in collaboration with the Pla de Barris (Neighbourhood Plan) and the Fundació.CAT programme , Barcelona, 2017, 2019

Barris.Barcelona (Neighbourhoods.Barcelona) is a city project that brings digital culture to peripheral areas of the city, evaluating what is already being done, increasing the visibility of the collectives and transforming the people involved.

    Empower different groups within the neighbourhood plan through information and communication technologies.

The main objective of this initiative is to approach different groups in peripheral neighbourhoods of Barcelona with few resources, such as Trinitat Vella, Besòs and Verneda, in order to promote innovation as a tool for socialisation. By creating several web platforms and audiovisual materials we have helped foster digital autonomy among members of these groups, as well as provide them with technological equipment. In the first edition we ran three tailor-made programmes for three different groups.

Through the web platforms created and their communicative aspect, we have given greater visibility to the lesser-known neighbourhoods of Barcelona, thus lessening the impact of territorial inequalities. For some time, we have also given visibility to the work carried out by these collectives in an analogical framework. This initiative offers a way of democratizing the .barcelona domain and giving it a social and citizenship component.


Three digital platforms with audiovisual content.


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