Our curious, innovative and non-conformist spirit has led us to explore fields tangent to science, such as art, design and audiovisual language. Our work explores the scientific method, design thinking and creative processes. We are cultural tailors; we design tailor-made projects for each situation. Research, ideation, production and execution of projects and training are a part of what we do. We have a long history and reach audiences diverse in size and complexity. Culture, education and scientific-technological transfer form our wardrobe. We have a physical space in the Gràcia neighbourhood in Barcelona, where we investigate new learning trends and share contemporary debates and dialogues. Our aim is to grow the knowledge of the border, between seams, in order to better understand the challenges of the future.

Irene Lapuente


Before creating her own company she accumulated almost ten years of experience in education, museums, development of scientific communication strategies and project management. She has held positions such as Head of Communication at the Catalan Institute of Palaeontology (ICP) and at the Department of Languages and Systems (LSI) at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). She is a former member of the Education Department of CosmoCaixa Barcelona and has also worked as a secondary school teacher. Throughout her career she has designed co-creation processes in culture, art, science and education. She has also organised and facilitated workshops to promote metadesign in the cultural sector. Her main interest lies in the intersection of forms of learning. She is a specialist in promoting projects that enhance and cross the scientific method, design thinking and creative processes. She graduated in Physics from the University of Barcelona (UB). She has a Postgraduate Diploma in Science Communication and a Postgraduate Diploma in the Creation of Scientific Documentaries (UPF), in addition to a Certificate in Teaching Skills (UPC). She has been involved with dance from a very early age, and is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dance in London. It is from this background as a physicist, communicator and dancer, along with her enthusiasm for continuous learning, that the drivers and interests of her work and her own company emerge.

Dídac Roger

Coordinator of communication and audiovisuals of La Mandarina de Newton.

Dídac is an audiovisual director and educator. He has focused his career on the creation of informative, cultural and educational documentaries and audiovisuals as well as on training, giving workshops on audiovisual production and working on learning and service projects. He holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication (UAB) and is the founder and director of the production company Kineina Audiovisuales. One of his great achievements is the documentary Buscando el sabor Mediterráneo (Looking for the Mediterranean Flavour) which won the prize for best European documentary about the Mediterranean Diet, produced within the framework of the SlowMed project.

Marta Delclòs

Marta Delclòs

Coordinator of the educational area of La Mandarina de Newton since 2013.

Before joining the La Mandarina de Newton team, she worked on environmental awareness and leisure education projects. She is committed to the environment and combines it with her passion for learning. She studied Environmental Sciences at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Later, she undertook a Master’s in Management and Restoration of the Natural Environment at the University of Barcelona (UB) and is currently undertaking a Primary Education Teacher degree (UB).

Irene Duran

Irene Duran

Irene has been part of the educational and communication area since 2019.

Before joining the La Mandarina de Newton team she worked on several educational and maker initiatives. She studied Human Biology at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and holds a Master's degree in Forensic Analysis (UPV/EHU). She has also taken the Higher Degree in Illustration at EASD Pau Gargallo.


La Mandarina de Newton, with the support of the Institute of Culture of Barcelona (ICUB) | Catalonia | 2012 - present

How do we bring scientific and technological culture closer to citizens, exploring new hybrid models of cultural transmission? Programme of activities in Mandarina Space, including a line of reflection and internal research, the Mandarina Academy.

At Mandarina Space we offer activities and workshops for all ages and audiences: children, young people, adults, families and professionals.

Our programme includes quarterly workshops, specific activities, intensive courses, Easter and summer camps, exhibitions and monographs related to these, and spaces for debate and reflection for professionals. We promote creativity, innovation, participation, critical thinking and teamwork. We design and prototype transdisciplinary, kinaesthetic learning experiences based on DIY philosophy, in order to transform and improve learning. The programme is varied and we are constantly designing and offering new and interesting activities in which we combine different disciplines such as science, technology, arts, audiovisual language, design and its philosophy, history, ethics, etc. For us it is a space for testing and experimentation, for exploring new trends in learning, dissemination and communication of science and technology.

Quarterly workshops, family workshops, Easter camps, summer camps, exhibitions, talks, debates and the Mandarina Academy. Experimentation, programming, construction, hands-on, DIY, project-oriented learning, exhibitions, talks, debates, learning community.



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