Can Ginestar3

Can Ginestar3

City of Viladecans Foundation , Viladecans, 2019

How can we bring science to a plural public in the city of Viladecans and celebrate the project for the future library of Can Ginestar?

    Design, organisation, coordination and advertising campaign for the Can Ginestar3 Festival.

The Can Ginestar3 project was structured into three different work phases: creating an identity and communication campaign, designing a programme of diverse activities to appeal to different audiences, and coordinating the Science Festival on the day of the event. The Festival was part of the project for the future Can Ginestar library, an innovative and transforming space which will combine tradition with new philosophies. La Mandarina de Newton considered it important, therefore, that the Science Festival be represented on all faces of the polyhedron, and so we proposed activities that would play with the imaginaries of natural and formal language, technology and its philosophy, and the sciences.

Can Ginestar3 began with a series of pre-festival activities to warm things up and to publicise the event: show cooking with science, carried out in the Constitució municipal market, a vertical garden workshop at Can Ginestar, and the painting of a 50-metre-long science mural with the three figures that form the three pillars of the Festival: Isaac Newton, Ada Lovelace and Rachel Carson. Continuing with the Festival promotion, a communication campaign was created, with posters and a bookmark with the programme printed on it.

The Festival included around 30 activities distributed across three spaces: the Isaac Newton space, Ada Lovelace space and Rachel Carson space dedicated to science, technology and languages. The almost 500 participants enjoyed informative workshops, scientific board games, exchange of cards from the Extraordinary League of Science, storytelling, large-scale Leonardo domes, surprising mathematical photography, debates, exhibitions, challenges using the playground equipment in the park (swing, rocker, etc.), a concert with an environmental theme and a draw to win vertical gardens, among other activities.


Two workshops, a scientific mural and a science festival.


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